What our clients say

“Jutta helped us translate old family letters in dialects hardly anyone could decipher. She was professional, resourceful and kind. She is passionate about unearthing family histories and I would recommend her any day.”

Uri S., Israel

“Jutta is an in-depth professional in the projects she handles, a very dedicated, amiable lady who is patient and knows her stuff.

She was asked to help us find my husband’s family in Berlin, and indeed she called us and willingly heard a very fragmented story of little known details, since he was an orphaned 8-year-old boy who left Berlin immediately after the war (born in 1938).

Jutta did a wonderful research job and found all of his family lineage, all known details about them. The results were amazing, we really marveled, such were the results.

She was in contact with a lawyer and together they took care of getting restitution for property, a passport and German citizenship, and all the rights he deserves. She is well-connected and knows how to use all necessary means for any matter she needs.

We very much enjoyed her attitude, her desire to satisfy all our questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Jutta’s help. It should be noted that we are friends as a family today.”

Sara & Iftach R., Israel

“Jutta helped my grandfather find all the details about his parents for Stolpersteine. She also managed to clarify the fate of his long-lost cousin, who died in the Shoah. She is a very kind, resourceful and tireless researcher, and a great person. My grandfather enjoyed working with her very much, a lot of his German childhood memories came back to him in their conversations.”

Renan H., Berlin

“Thanks for braving the masses with me. I think it was worth our while.”

Ronnie S., Photographer