Our genealogy services

Specialized in German Jewish History

Our expertise and genealogy services cover a wide range of historical areas and subjects. One specialty is Jewish history in Germany, but also in the former Eastern provinces (Western and Eastern Prussia, Silesia), Poland, or the Habsburg Lands (Austria, Hungary, Galicia…). This includes the rich Jewish life in the 19th century and until the 1930s, but also the Shoah and all of its aftermath, as well as emigration before and after the war.

Finding relatives, documents, and graves

We have found graves of long lost ancestors and addresses of family members. But we have also traced down distant relatives, found unknown mothers and fathers (albeit deceased), could locate photographs and documents. Our work has even resulted in restitution cases and German passports for survivors and their families.

Reading old German script

Previous generations relied on handwriting much more than we do today – in the computer age, typing is the way to communicate. Consequently we have often lost the abilty to read old scripts, especially in other languages. One of GermanGen’s key skills is reading old German handwriting, everything from Kanzleischrift to Kurrent or Sütterlin. We’re here to help you decipher your family’s handwritten treasures.

Remembering and traveling to the roots

Have you ever wanted to know where your ancestors lived? We’re here to help you get a sense of place and travel back in time. Visit the places they lived and where they spent their day to day. Create a lasting memorial to the past and make new memories for yourself and your family.

We’re looking forward to hearing your family history!